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History - PSS Idah

The idea of establishing an ideal Staff Secondary School became very paramount when the Polytechnic and its adjoining communities lamented for the unavailability of a standard/model college that will cater for the academic needs of their wards/children leaving FPI Staff Primary School and other primary schools in the area after their graduation. Hence, after due consultation, the committee set up for the issue of establishing a standard secondary school on the 24th October, 2001, deliberated and finally came up with the following decisions and recommendations:

That the name of the school shall be called Polytechnic Secondary School Idah (PSSI). The aims and objectives which formed the establishment of the school as follows

To be able to provide a qualitative secondary education for the children/wards of the entire general public as well as Polytechnic staff in particular.

To give sound moral, academic and physical training to the children.

To set a high academic standard through qualitative caliber of teaching staff as well as the provision of conducive learning environment backed up with adequate equipment.

To create a conducive environment devoid of clandestine association, fraud, corruption, examination malpractice and other vices.

To lay a very solid academic foundation in order to cope with the challenges common in higher institution of learning.